The Open Gate Story

People have complicated lives.  For the business leader, managing and leading people can, at times, be a frustrating and costly distraction.     Leaders in small to medium size business often lack the resources to hire a team as a large company would.  Employee Resources, Training, Organizational Development and Employee Assistance support seem out of reach.  Business to business providers tend to ignore the small to medium business client.

At Open Gate Consulting we saw this need and have dedicated ourselves to small business – their leaders and teams.  Through our extensive experience in human resources, behavioral health, organizational development, training and operational leadership, we have a deep understanding of what makes people tick.   This unique blend of experience allows us to work with  business leaders in a profound way.  Not only as a guide to navigate the complexities of creating and sustaining a winning team, but as a partner who has your back. 

And, as your business thrives, we have the depth of resources to be there for you as you grow.