People Managers and Human Resources Professionals enjoy peace of mind from our comprehensive suite of services that support their critical roles in an organization.

Risk Management Review

  • Be Prepared – Our thorough review of employee resources strategy, policy, and process will identify risk areas and provide tailored solutions to mitigate them – building a strong foundation for success.

  • The Open Gate team uses XpertHR(r), a well-regarded and authoritative resource, in consulting with our clients.  More information about XpertHR can be found at the following link:

Training and Development

  • Ahead of the Curve – Is our broad range of training to enhance your people development strategies.  Whether new employee or leader skills – we have the tools for you.  We emphasize efficient, effective, skills development with essential support to drive long term behavior change.

  • Creative Solutions – At times, training is not the solution.  Our consultants are experts at determining the best intervention to move a team to a high level of synergy.


  • Healthy Conflict – Our experienced mediators facilitate frank and productive discussions that move people from gridlock to cruising speed.

Crisis Management

  • Be prepared for the unexpected – Traumatic incidents can impact the workplace as in life.  Our seasoned and compassionate professionals are prepared to assist in a rapid response when crisis erupts.  We have your back during these difficult times and deliver the tools, resources, and support you need to take care of your team.

Organizational Support