Research shows, extraordinary leaders more than double profits compared to the remaining 90%.

Leadership Acceleration Program


Can leadership skills be learned?  Yes!  Since 2002, the Leadership Acceleration Program (LEAP®) has forged confident leaders and equipped them to face today’s complex leadership challenges.

What is LEAP?  A 12-session, transformational leadership development program.  Which includes:

  • Monthly half-day skill building workshops

  • Personalized coaching

  • Confidential peer interaction and learning

  • 360˚ leadership assessment

  • Customized development plan

  • Post-classroom reinforcement tools

LEAP candidates are:

  • Current and future leaders looking to invest in their skills

  • Managers who want to hone their skills to the next level

  • Professionals from Fortune 500/enterprise, mid and small organizations

Will this be your LEAP® year?  Space available for Sep 2017 - Aug 2018 groups in Lynnwood and Gig Harbor. Apply by Aug 3 for early pricing.
  • Celebrating with your team as you nail key business goals

  • Feeling satisfaction when you turn conflict into collaboration

  • Career success as your effective leadership gets noticed

Effective leaders possess confidence, commitment, and top communication skills.  They are creative problem solvers and strategic thinkers