Employee Assistance

The line between home and work continues to fade.  Any number of life events can create a struggle – depression, anxiety, substance abuse, finding childcare, helping an aging relative, financial and legal concerns.  Our comprehensive, confidential employee assistance service provides resources and support to help your employees and their families get back on the road.

Through our proud affiliation with Chestnut Global Partners, we provide a full spectrum of Employee Assistance Services including:

Counseling Assessment and Referral

  • 24/7/365 call center support staffed by master’s level clinicians.   Whether seeking guidance or in crisis, our seasoned pros will be there for your employees and their families. 

  • Confidential, in-person counseling sessions for employees and their family members for short-term problem solving, assessment and referral. 

Work Life Services

  • Child care resources and referral – addresses the full spectrum of a child’s growth and development from infancy to college.

  • Adult and elder care resources and referral -- information and guidance for caregivers to navigate the vast resources available for a loved one who needs help.

  • Legal consultations – provide telephone or in-person consultation with an attorney to review a legal concern at no charge.

  • Financial consultations -- financial educator who assist callers in developing a detailed plan to address their financial concerns. 

Information and Resources

  • Comprehensive website provides current information on health, mental health, wellness, and daily living concerns.

  • Webinars and training opportunities offers interactive forums for information and support.